So how can I get this software - how to get Multiplayer

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So how can I get this software - how to get Multiplayer

Post by Fortius Magical Man » Thu Sep 20, 2007 9:37 am

Easy. you must download the latest version 2.00 from the online update
Go to
start - programs - Tacx Fortius - Online update
Select Fortius Software

1. If you still have 1.33 you first need to update it to 1.36
After then you have to do an Online update again to go from 1.36 to 2.00

4 weeks trial version
First you need to download the new software (online update or website tacx). When you have installed the software, you need to make a registration for multiplayer (after you hit the button multiplayer).
After this registration you 4 weeks will go in. (they will not go in if you have installed the software, but after registration).

After the 4 weeks, you have to buy the license to use Multiplayer. (you can select the link in the Fortius Program after you choose Multiplayer).
The cost for this license is 49 eur a year

1. Tacx is selling the Fortius Multiplayer product. In this product you will have the new USB interface, 1 year Multiplayer license + steering Frame
You do not need to have this new USB interface to use the Multiplayer possibilities.

2. You cannot select the LAN feature in the free trail period. The LAN feature will be activated after you have bought a license for a year. After that you do not need to activate it anymore (if you keep using the same USB interface).

3. Multiplayer can be done with Virtual Reality, Real Life Video and Catalyst software.

Be sure that you have opened your Firewall and your Router Settings (see the settings manual at ... %20manuals)
Will be available after 21-09-2007)

The standard manual you will find on your harddrive (it is automatically downloaded from the site).
c:\program files\tacxfortius\fortius\help\... fortius help.txt

Check also the latest info on


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