What does Slope Modifier do on cloud account?

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What does Slope Modifier do on cloud account?

Post by HHHHSempre » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:16 am


Getting familiar with some of the account settings on cloud. Could someone explain what the Slope Modifier slider does? It seems to be set at 100% by default.

I'm sort of imagining it's to do with how quickly TDA adjusts the ride speed when hitting a slope. I'm imagining that a lower percentage makes the ride (video) more realistic, higher value makes the ride easier.


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Re: What does Slope Modifier do on cloud account?

Post by mcorn » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:51 am

The slope modifier is like an electronic gear. It makes the hill easier but you go up more slowly. It works great for people like me who do not produce a lot of power and might not have real low gears on the bike but still want to go up a steep hill. Setting it at 50% makes the hill easier.

Using mathematical algorithms, the software uses the power you produce, your weight, and the slope to calculate a virtual speed, which is what is reported on the screen. In general, all speeds reported by TDA are virtual and do not necessarily correspond to the actual speed of your wheel.

So, try it and see if it suits. You can move the slider to best fit your power and fitness.

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