Ant+ / Bluetooth HRM no beat in Tacx

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Ant+ / Bluetooth HRM no beat in Tacx

Post by bert170881 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:15 am

Hi everyone

I've seen some posts coming by about issues regarding HRM belts which won't sync with the Tacx software.

TO be short, I've got the Tacx Vortex with ANT+ synced with the Tacx cycling software on a windows laptop. The connection is made with the Tacx ANT+ connector via USB.

The sensors do couple immediately, but my HRM belts (Garmin ANT+ and Polar bluetooth) won't work.

The Garmin ANT+ isn't even visible in the syncing menu. The weird thing is the Polar HRM does show itself, but won't transmit any heartrate during workouts.

Has anyone a work around? Do I need to buy the Tacx specific HRM belt or any cheap ones available?

Thanks for helping me out.

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Re: Ant+ / Bluetooth HRM no beat in Tacx

Post by mcorn » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:37 pm

Which software are you using? I use the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart monitor, but it will not work with software that uses ANT+ to communicate. I also use a Garmin ANT+ HRM with TTS4, which is an ANT+ program. As far as I know, you cannot simultaneously use ANT+ and Bluetooth to communicate with the computer on the same Tacx software, so I am not quite sure what you are attempting to do.

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