Chain rubbing despite exact same set up

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Chain rubbing despite exact same set up

Post by timberg0612 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:19 pm


I'm using a Tacx Flux direct drive trainer and a Canyon road bike with Ultegra group set incl. the casette (11s; 11-28).
For the trainer I figured a 105 casette will do you just fine. I bought the exact same casette (11s;11-28) just 105.
I put everything together and the chain rubbs horribly. I checked everything, spacers, arangement, screw head, everything.
Since I didn't want to readjust the derailleur everytime I switch, I gave it a try and mounted the Ultegra casette on the trainer and everything runs smooth as ever :shock:
remounted the 105 casette and again rubbing and scrubbing.

I have no clue what causes it - can anybody help me?


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Re: Chain rubbing despite exact same set up

Post by ttelmah » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:47 pm

They should be completely compatible.
Obvious things:
1) Double check you really do have the 11s. Would be easy for someone to have sent a 10s by mistake!...
2) Check it really is fitting right home on the axle. The likely thing is that a little bit of sprue or something is stopping the casette from going right home. Check the measurement between the innermost sprocket and the spokes.

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