Bkool VR World maker!

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Bkool VR World maker!

Post by Nasz » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:36 am

Seems the new Bkool can create a VR world from a GPS file using satellite info etc.,

Something I know various people have raised over the years on the forum. Must admit, I love this feature... more...

http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2014/08/trai ... inmaker%29
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Re: Bkool VR World maker!

Post by Tacx Video Production » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:13 pm

I checked it out a couple of days ago, its Catalyst 3d that Tacx dropped but done a bit better & limited right now to a selection of their RLVs which are home made quality, the terrain is built using basic map data thats available that says buildings, desert, forest etc, Its nothing new other then pulling the map terrain type data to generate some changes in the view, Computrainer had this ability to build a 3D route from GPS data back in the 1990s....& it never changed.

the RLV streaming is appalling (I only got to see the 1st frame of one RLV all the others had a pink screen) but I guess they will need to spread the servers about the globe. The RLV profiles are a joke, going from +5% to -2% in a sudden jump. So forget simulating a actual ride.

Quality of the program is nothing close to how Ray makes it out to be, the GUI is very slow/laggy, makes no sense & it takes 5 clicks to get back to the menu from riding. It should be 1 click with a modern software.

The multiplayer that they have is good though, just click the velodrome & you can see guys tooling about training, no lobby's etc . They have this nailed & Tacx need theirs working like this....even I would use multiplayer if it was this simple. The other point is they are using an off the shelf engine thats multi platform.

Tacx have Catalyst 3d that was pulled because nobody used it, I remember there was a lot of issues with it. But I cant see them returning it to TTS which is ending its life span with the era of super cheap mass market tablets now here apps etc

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