Software upgrade for Tacx Imagic T1900

You`re thinking about buying a Tacx trainer, but don`t know witch one.

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Software upgrade for Tacx Imagic T1900

Post by M7OHN » Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:00 pm

I've got the old Tacx Imagic VR trainer with T1900 braking unit and green handlebar interface.
I've still got the original software disc that came with the trainer and i remember downloading several updates and also Catalyst Training Software along the way.
My computer has now expired and i have lost all my programs/upgrades.

Ive got myself a new higher spec computer and i'd like to purchase new software to bring my system up to date with all the latest features. I especially liked the Catalyst Training System.

What's the highest spec software i can run with my old system?

Many thanks


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