TTS2: Cant find video avi or cant see RLV/Ergovideo? TTS2

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TTS2: Cant find video avi or cant see RLV/Ergovideo? TTS2

Post by Tacx Video Production » Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:59 pm

1st if you have tried installing from the DVD & failed. Navigate to the DVD (or download updated version if there is one available) of the .tts file for the ride. Ergo videos will have ERGO in the name. these need to be placed here. If the tts file is already in TTS2 & you just have a "cant find video" message skip this bit.


Now open TTS2 & check that the tts file data is there. You should see a "cant find video message". Doing this will force TTS2 to make note of the file in the installedvideo xml page that will point to the avi.

Next you need to open the xml file here, you can use notepad but ideal is to download the free xml notepad from microsoft ... laylang=en


Now just look for the ID name of the tts file (will have the product name also) with the missing video & paste in the correct address (include the actual avi)


Just now it can happen that if no registry key is there that the file will not save this location...sometimes is does. But if you see the video in TTS2 & then after starting its not there or its just not there, you can navigate to the registry which is also the place you need to go for new avi locations for TTS version1.

Image keep the xml file open so you can quickly copy the key name & avi address.

navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tacx\TTS\InstalledVideos (for XP) right Click Installed videos - new - key give the key the ID of the ride (for example T1957.10_E_Rabobank2010) next on the right side you need to make a AVILocation folder which you will get by right clicking this side & selecting stringvalue (or in dutch Tekenreekswaarde) - right click the new string & rename it AVILocation - now paste in the full avi address with .avi at the end.

This is a lot of hassle I know & the programers are looking to add a simple find avi option for the software soon :wink:


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