recovery interval

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recovery interval

Post by cnwund2 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:12 pm

hello guys,

i do have a quick question in regards to those "recovery" intervals in between the high effort ones. I´m using trainerroad and in between those high intensity intervals i have some recovery / rest intervals at about 86 - 90 watts. my Setup is using ERG mode, i´m training on a vortex smart

My problem is, that i can´t reach those 86 - 90 Watts if i countine to use a cadence at about 90rpm and a gearing on the big ring front and a middle ring at the cassette.

My understanding is that the ERG mode is completely controling the resistance, so i´m wondering why it can´t reduce the resistance so i can reach 90 watts. If i shift down, like the smaller ring front, i can reach it without problems.

Can someone explain me the behavior please ;-)


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Re: recovery interval

Post by Alex Masalovich » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:06 pm

Here is an explanation for Flux: ... AFJPqe6O7w
You can use it by analogy. Or even not by analogy, but by virtue of the identity of the electric brake used in Flux and Vortex (the firmware is the same).
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