What should I buy with the Fortius

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What should I buy with the Fortius

Post by minkie703 » Sat May 11, 2013 6:56 pm

I just bought the Fortius Multiplayer with software version 3.0. I was just wondering what hardware I should buy for it. Do I go with a laptop or a desktop? Should I try and find Win 7? Has anyone run the Fortius on Win 8? What would you recommend as I am not computer savvy at all and just want to ride, problem free :roll: Appreciate any advice you can provide and any gotchas as I put the thing together. Thanks!

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Re: What should I buy with the Fortius

Post by BobBreton » Mon May 13, 2013 6:13 am


I would go for a desktop since TTS has been updated many times and since version 3.10 it uses more ressources. Also, using a desktop, you will have a lot less problems in the future if you have to upgrade components or switch to TTS4.

TTS 3 works fine with Windows 7. Don't know if it works with Windows 8, I know TTS4 is working with windows8.

As far a PC configurations go you can see my setup in my signature, I have no problems or bugs with TTS 3.12. Only bugs were software related: iTunes will cause random crashes (connection between PC and the trainer) if it is running while you use your trainer. Never had any problems since I stop using iTunes to play my music when I train.

Juste make sure you buy a big hard drive if you plan on buying a lot of RLV, I would go for nothing less than 1TG if you plan to keep your RLV on the same HD as your OS.

Fortius Multiplayer
TTS 3.12
Windows 7 64bits
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Ram: 8 gigs
Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 1 gig

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