Wizard installs RLVs in different locations

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Wizard installs RLVs in different locations

Post by ylan » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:50 pm

I have changed my computer which was running XP SP3 with TTS2 and TTS3.

My new one is now running Windows 7 64 bits; and as my TTS3 was the updated version, I have had to first install TTS2 then proceed with the installation of TTS3 up to TTS 3.4.

Everything went OK but when I installed my RLVs, I have noticed that the installation wizard Had put the RLVs in two different places.

In the first place : myusername\AppData\Roaming\Tacx\TTS\RLV

We find 1956.37 Milan-San Remo 08 and 1956.50 Argus Tour 2010

In the second location : C\ProgramData\Tacx\ TrainerSoftware\Videos

We find La Bérarde and Flèche Wallonne which were on the TTS3 upgrade disk,
1956.51 Kogel Bay, 1956.53 Eroica and finally 1956.55 Dordogne.


What is the reason behind that behavior; would it be a problem if I install all me RLVs in the same location and which one will be the best place ?

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