Neo 2 Low Speed Juddering

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Neo 2 Low Speed Juddering

Post by neilb6732 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:49 pm

I have just changed from a Drivo to a new Neo 2. The one thing I have notice with the Neo is that at very low revolutions there seems to be a small "vibration" coming back through the pedals. I thought maybe the drivetrain although everything was swapped over from the Drivo which ran super smooth. So have tried 2 new cassettes and a new chain and still the same. With the bike off the trainer and turning the flywheel by hand I can feel this notchyness through the flywheel. And occasionally I hear a slight metallic "ping" but only so often.

Anyone encountered this or have any ideas. I have contacted the bike shop and they say they will contact Tacx on Monday

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