Re-ride ELEMNT (Bolt) tours with Tacx NEO?

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Re-ride ELEMNT (Bolt) tours with Tacx NEO?

Post by Derailleur » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:10 pm

I tried to re-ride tours I had previously been riding with my Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt. My Bolt (most recent firmware) can be paired with my NEO (most recent firmware) and can principally control NEO's resistance. But this is not the case when re-riding tours from ELEMNT Bolt:
The track's details including actual slope are being displayed accurately - but my NEO's resistance remains the same for the whole ride regardless of slope.
Actual speed and power (Watts) info are being displayed indicating that NEO seems to be connected correctly to my Bolt.

Has anybody tried this too and could comment about NEO's resistance?


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Re: Re-ride ELEMNT (Bolt) tours with Tacx NEO?

Post by TartanCapt » Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:00 pm

I have discovered the same problem while trying to ride a route downloaded from RWGPS. I initially contacted Wahoo support, and they said it should work and I should contact Tacx.
So Tacx suggested I check the firmware versions of both the Bolt and the Neo, and they are both at the latest versions. They also suggested that there may be interference with other sensors, so I disabled all the sensors and only connected the Neo to the Bolt. The results were the same.

Hopefully someone at Tacx is looking into this. If I get any additional information/suggestions from Taxc, I'll post them here.

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