Flux vs. MID size derailleur

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Flux vs. MID size derailleur

Post by giordano » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:01 pm

I had an iFlow years ago, last spring I decided I will get a Neo. In the meantime, I was informed about the Flux. Looked just the right thing for me. 10% is enough, no need the road feel or lights. I have ordered one, came last week. I was so happy that on the weekend I will be cycling in Zwift. Well, it did not happen. I'm very disappointed and frustrated. First, my MTB did not fit at all, even worst, I have scratched a little bit the housing with the derailleur. Fortunately I recognized it and I was not on the bike, I just tried it gently by hand. Where I tried, no one told me that the Flux is not MTB compatible, nor it is not mentioned on the brochure I got. I have ordered it and got it. The MTB is a KTM Race 2.29 with 42-x-24 on the front and 11-34 in the back with an XT SGS derailleur. O.K. I know that will not work, but it is still a surprise. First, I calculated that if I change to an SG derailleur, I give up some combination, but it is O.K. I went into a large shop to measure a Shimano MTB SG derailleur maximum height. Guess what. I did not found any. Tacx should not advertise it MTB compatible. Still in the specs it says "Width of rear fork: Race 130mm, MTB 135mm". How is this MTB compatible than?

Than, the next bad surprise was that my fitness bike does not fit either. It is a Canyon Roadlite 6 with Shimano 105 GS derailleur on the back with a 11-32 cassette. It is not a long cage derailleur, but still it does not fit. What?
On this picture : https://mega.nz/#!QshwVCRK!Sd63pd8uz0Cd ... 3-0PQPb9ZE the chain is not on the largest ring. I can not switch to that.

Now, I do two things. Try to ship it back, but that is problematic since I have a little, but visible scratch. The company whom I bought it from is investigating now if they can take it back.

+ I am very disappointed on the fact that this problem should not be hidden, only on the web specification below, but should be in the brochures and in the main information about the trainer.

If they will not, I will modify my MTB's shifting, replacing the rear derailleur and the cassette. Now, the question is. Would an MTB SG derailleur fit? With what cassette?


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