Solution for update fail and or messing up Tacx Neo after update

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Solution for update fail and or messing up Tacx Neo after update

Post by beukem » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:08 pm

After I updated the firmware on my new Tacx Neo I discovered after that suddenly the Neo resistance was gone and that the de power readings disappeared. My speed readings were'nt correct as well.

The reason behind my problem is that the Tacx utility app is not working correctly in combination with my brand new Samsung A5, 2017 and Android version. This can also be the case with other smartphones. Especially newer Samsung A-series.

During updating there is no immediate notice, except updating is going slow, but when the update seems successful, you'll see it's not
because the Tacx utility app is showing again, within a few minutes, that there is an update available and again shows the update version
you thought you already had implemented.

This update failure causes that the Taxc Neo becomes useless because there is no resistance simulation anymore, etcetera.

So, underneath you find the solution for this:


1) Disconnect your Tacx Neo from the power outlet for a hour with the intention of discharging completely.
2) Uninstall (remove) the Tacx utility app from your current smartphone in the meantime.
3) Download and install the latest Tacx utility app in the meantime on another smartphone,
like the Samsung S-series or on a Iphone or on a tablet with bluetooth connection.
4) Disable all bluetooth connection devices in the direct environment.
5) Disable the WiFi connection on the other smartphone and enable the bluetooth connection only.
6) Run the Tacx utility app and connect to the Taxc Neo (green check mark).
7) Choose update (if everything goes well you see the update is running much faster) and wait when finished.
8) After updating check the current firmware version after a few minutes. This should say something like "there is no update available".
9) When de update readings are OK, run a few tests within the Dashboard in the Tacx utility app.
10) When it works, be happy!

Hope this helps you any further.

Best regards,

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