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TDA for Mac wrong time in the cloud

Post by stanmo » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:53 pm

Hi everyone,

i have strange problem with TDA for Mac: when the ride is uploaded to cloud there is time difference of ride. Cloud takes the end of my ride as start of the ride which resulting in wrong time in strava and other apps after import. So for example if is 1 hour long, there is 1 hour difference, if 2 hours long there is two hours different

Strange thing is if i use TDA for Windows everything is fine

i already submitted a ticket, but they are clueless and ignorant, pointing that the problem is in strava. We are emailing for two weeks and getting nowhere. How could be problem in strava if there is wrong data in tacx cloud and tcx file, which i receive in email

as i reading this forum for a long time, i understand, that one of the developers read this. The problem is persistent, for example in last 3 weeks i did at least 5 ride on mac (in all there is wrong time) and 10 rides on Windows (on all is correct time)

So any idea or help will be greatly appreciated.


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