Mass intertia

You`re thinking about buying a Tacx trainer, but don`t know witch one.

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Mark Hewitt
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Mass intertia

Post by Mark Hewitt » Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:15 am

I'm trying to compare the line up of trainers to my current trainer which is the Blue Matic and wondering how different they would feel in use. I've got a handle on the connected features. But how they work as trainers in themselves is interesting me; from the tacx website there are different values for Mass intertia i.e.

Blue matic: 8kg
Votex smart: 11.81kg
Bushido smart: 60kg
Genius smart: 125kg

From that it looks like the Vortex isn't that different from my Blue Matic, but the Bushido is massively different and the Genius is double that again.

But what does it all mean in practice?

Tacx support
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Re: Mass intertia

Post by Tacx support » Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:51 pm

Hi Mark

It is related to the flywheel effect or better explained as follow
If you start riding outside, and you stop cycling, your bike (and you on it) will continue riding until the force of nature makes you stop. So what you want to do is to simulate this effect in trainers. If you put a flywheel on a trainer you get the same effect (if you stop cycling the trainer and wheel keeps spinning)

in mountain climbing you experience this effect best, so the higher the number the better road feel simulation you have.

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