Vortex Smart & MTB

You`re thinking about buying a Tacx trainer, but don`t know witch one.

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Vortex Smart & MTB

Post by cjs78 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:58 pm


I'm thinking about purchasing a trainer but I mainly do MTB riding and do not have a road bike.

Currently looking at the Vortex Smart as it communicates with Ant+ and Bluetooth so can connect to iPad, Phone and will purchase the upgrade smart as I want TTS4 for VR training and more RLV offerings.

I am wondering does anyone have any experience with using an MTB bike with this particular trainer or with other Tacx offerings?

Obviously I would need to purchase a trainer tyre but does anyone know of anything else I need to consider? Does the gearing setup matter, etc. I would prefer not to due to cost but am I best off buying a cheap road bike for use exclusively with the trainer.

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Re: Vortex Smart & MTB

Post by mcorn » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:33 pm

I am actually using a tandem that has MTB tires with my Vortex Smart. However, the tire is a Conti smooth, narrow road-type. It works fine, but you do need a smooth tire. Large MTB tires may or may not work, but the trainer can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of tire sizes. A trainer tire does give better performance.

I use the Vortex Smart with TTS software rather than a mobile device. Very small screens are not exactly overwhelming in their appeal to me and my tandem partner wouldn't be able to see it anyway.

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Re: Vortex Smart & MTB

Post by cjs78 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:25 pm

Thanks for the advice.

Decided to take the plunge and purchased the Vortex Smart with Upgrade Smart (TTS).

I also swapped the rear tyre for a Conti Trainer Tyre (1.75) so I could use my existing inner tube. :)

Glad I purchased the Upgrade Smart as found the iPad app rather boring (just catalyst) and I didn't want to purchase any videos as they are not transferrable to TTS. :evil:

Still playing around with it but Initial thoughts have been good - Loving with VR side of things at the moment especially riding with my previous ghost to try and improve on time. With Spotify running in the background I can pretty much ride as long as I my fitness levels allow without getting bored and while it will never be a substitute for actually taking the bike out it's pretty close if time is a factor (having a 7 month year old son seems to occupy a lot of that) or on those dark evenings. :D

Would like to try the trainer on a Road Bike at some point to see what differences there are (if any) with using different gear ratios.

Will get round to trying some RLVs at some point - Ventoux looks good.

Another option in this price range that I looked at was the BKOOL setup but didn't like the subscription model and its online only so if internet is down or in my case you run pretty close to your Bandwidth allowance each month with your ISP then you have pretty much a useless trainer.

I hope this helps other people in making their decision.

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