Tire Pressure and roller resistance

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Tire Pressure and roller resistance

Post by Tacx support » Tue May 12, 2009 4:13 pm

Prevent slippage
When you train on high resistance, the pressure between the tire and the roller will increase. To prevent slippage it is of great importance to have the correct tire pressure (between 7 and 8 bar). If you train a lot on high resistance it is best to use an trainer tire.
The second important thing is to put the roller on the correct way on the tire. The standard rule is to put the tire against the roller, and then turn the block knob 3,5 times.
Then do a calibration in the Fortius Software. As long as there is no calibration error the tire and roller are correctly fixed.

Our advise is to calibrate each time you start a training. The value of the calibration is not so important. More important is not to get an calibration error.
The calibration is a correction of the loss of resistance due to environment changes. It makes a correction to the wattage output, so that you always train on the same wattage output.
When you have a calibration error, then it means that your tire is not correct attached against the roller. Check the subject: “Prevent slippage”

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