Can I use steering with Multiplayer

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Can I use steering with Multiplayer

Post by Fortius Magical Man » Thu Sep 20, 2007 9:04 am

Yes you can

* You can also combine riders with steering and riders without steering
* you can put collision on or off. (The host will decide this)
* It is not mandatory to use a steering frame

The idea is that you follow a specific course that is pre-programmed or that you have created yourself (that is also possible). It is not possible to just wonder around when you do a training. There is a special feature when you are lost to hit a button (cancel) to return to the last spot. This way it is also not possible (if you have a steering) to take a shortcut and win the race.
If you get of the course to much, you are able to cycle further on, but the distance will stop (so you are not making any progress). This is the point were you get a message to return to you last point


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