Updated TTS files with Google Earth links for 5 older RLVs

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Updated TTS files with Google Earth links for 5 older RLVs

Post by Tacx Video Production » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:30 pm

Some older RLVs got remade into a wide screen format. Google earth data was added to their data files & new product numbers were given. If you have one of these older RLVs & the new Tacx Training Software you can import these old rides & then download the latest special TTS file that will add the Google Earth data to these rides. These files have been made special for the old 4:3 version disks made prior to 2008 & will look for rides with the old product numbers so you do not need to modify anything in the registry.

The files are here

all you need to do is

1:Import your ride to the TTS software
2:Download the file
3:Place the file in C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\Tacx\TTS\RLV
4: Delete the old TTS file of the same name that was generated from the basic Fortius software grade only data


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