Crash after saving ride data

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Crash after saving ride data

Post by MtDewaholic » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:23 am

Last night TTS 3.01 crashed after completing "Dam Route" in the Extreme MTB VR ride. I saved the ride data and after a while TTS3 crashed. I don't see this in the list of known bugs.

This is actually a huge improvement over TTS2. TTS2 crashes while attempting to load any of the Extreme MTB courses. Actually, only two of the VR courses in TTS2 ever loaded for me. And half the time when the two working VRs did load TTS2 would somehow lose communications to the interface unit so I could never get off the starting line. In the rare times in TTS2 that a VR course loaded and I was actually able to ride it, TTS2 would hang indefinitely while saving the ride data.

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