Best software option for ERG on Neo?

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Best software option for ERG on Neo?

Post by 023zav » Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:22 pm

Hey guys,

I've used Wahoo KICKR before and what I liked about it was the fact that you can easily adjust watts from ERG mode from their iPhone app when you need to. It also had the option to quickly export your workout to desired service. However when I connect Neo via Bluetooth to Wahoo app – it no longer works in ERG mode. Bummer. I mean I cannot control watts.

The standard iPhone Tacx App is kind of limited, and as a matter of fact I found that it is not adjusting watts when I'm using it without the dongle. So you are kind of left with no option to control the required power that you need for short intervals or whatever.

Zwift is okayish in terms of planning your training before hand and building it up, but say you want to do a series of sprints somewhere in between and you are out of luck for that.

TrainerRoad training creation requires a computer in the first place (well, just like Zwift), but then you are again left with FTP% instead of exact watts, or at least Zones for that matter.

So my question is:

– What do you believe to be the best option to adjust ERG on the fly?

Thanks in advance and happy training!

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