Data Specs and Frequency

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Data Specs and Frequency

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I've been using a Bushido Smart and ANT+ to collect training data information directly from the brake.
I manage to connect and receive raw data in my PC application directly from the Bushido using the ANT+ protocol.

I have a set of questions that would support my development:

1- Is there a open manual for the Device Profile, I initially follow the FC-E from ANT+ but clearly there is a set specs that are not according to those specs. If so where can I find such Device Profile.

2- The message frequency I'm having, seems to be about one per second. For example message with the id/page 0x02. Since we are looking into a real-time data, is there any way to adjust or increase the frequency for when a specific message is sent?

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Re: Data Specs and Frequency

Post by Spiix » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:56 pm


1/ It looks to me like you've connected to the Bushido's proprietary protocol.
Smart brakes send out 2 device types : an FE-C one and a proprietary one.
You should be able to connect to the FE-C protocol using these connection parameters :
Frequency = 57;
Period = 8192;
Device type = 17;
Transmission type = 0;
Ant network = Ant+

Then you can just follow the FE-C specs.

2/ The only way that I know of to get data pages faster than their regularly scheduled transmission window is by sending a request data command (page 70). Devices may or may not implement this though. Your Bushido should implement this though, provided you connect through FE-C

If you have any more questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help you

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