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Post by Tacx support » Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:36 am

more information will follow.

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Re: Bkool

Post by alemap » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:46 pm

6 months and no follow-up to this post.

So, I have a Vortex Smart, 2 weeks old, and have played with Zwift a lot and now tried Kinomap and Bkool.

Bkool allows you to have a trial version, but without video, but the way to unlock ALL features is to go Premium, you are billed 0.01 euros to your credit card and can cancel anytime during the first month (I think there is a pro-rata payment to make at the end).

So I have tried it, there is a good variety or rides, and very attractive is the Alpe d'Huez and similar mountain passes, and even rides in Centennial Park (Sydney) and Central Park (NYC)

have a try of a few apps and see what you think -

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Re: Bkool

Post by SNies » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:39 pm

Can you pair your Vortex Smart; i tried several times and no possibility to ride.
Sometimes he found the vortex in pairing windows but when i would start a race he said no smart trainer connected. :evil:

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Re: Bkool

Post by alemap » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:18 pm

Short answer yes.

Paired everything first time automatically, Tacx Vortex Smart and my Garmin Heart Rate monitor.

Questions for you:

1. have you updated the firmware of the Tacx Vortex Smart? You need to use an apple device (no android version available as yet) for the "TAcx Utility" App.

That makes it compatible with all these various virtual reality training apps like Zwift, Bkool Kinomap etc.

2. Do you have an ANT+ dongle near you TACX?

If the answer is YES to both questions, then I suggest the following procedure: unpair your phone and computer and anything else that you have previously paired with your TAcx. Unplug it for 5 seconds form the power, and also reboot your computer (or phone or tablet). Then try again.

Another question i should have asked, what are you using, a tablet, phone or pC?

I have paired with my laptop and a 5 metre USB extender to keep my ANT+ dongle right by my trainer.

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Re: Bkool

Post by alemap » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:22 pm

I have a problem and am open to suggestions before I contact BKOOL support. Resistance isn't feeling very high going up hills ... I seem to go well ahead of other riders and go an extraordinary pace, which doesn't seem right as i am a category D rider (2.4w/KG is my FTP right now, and I am 100kg thereabouts so mountian passes should be impossible but i do a good pace at 200w, which seems too easy.)

SO, do any other people have experience on how to calibrate the wattage for a TACX vortex Smart and BKOOL?

Mark Hewitt
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Re: Bkool

Post by Mark Hewitt » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:18 pm

I tried BKool for a month then cancelled it. While the videos are reasonable the main problem is that on downhills you can't just coast, it basically treats down hills like they are level ground so if you don't keep pedalling you stop. Unlike the likes of Zwift where you'd keep going. Seems a bit silly.

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Re: Bkool

Post by gabriel999 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:50 am


With Tacx Ironman Smart I can easily "ride" on BKOOL with at least 55 km/h on flats and with 40-45 km/h on 1.5 - 2% slopes. I'm sure that if I change my max. bike gear from 50x12 to 53x11, I can make Ironman trainer to take-off on BKOOL. I had to stop using BKOOL application to avoid useless wear of the trainer.

How can I increase the brake on Tacx Ironman with around 30-40% whilst ridding on BKOOL?


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