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El Poncho
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General Consensus on Mulitplayer License

Post by El Poncho » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:25 am

Hi Guys,

So the solo VR rides and Solo Film rides are getting outdated and boring. Is there anyone out there who actually uses the Multiplayer function of the TTS4? This is the whole reason why I bought the software and it seems that it is under-developed or mismanaged???

I live in the UAE and cycling outdoors in summer is out of the question as Temp's shoot up to 50'C here, hence my thinking of joining some multiplayer races. But not seeing anything out there? Tacx Tours is stagnant, TT4 Race site looks as though it last had anything happen in 2014???

To be honest I am not a happy camper with Tacx at the moment as I have the I-Flow I am not able to utilize something like zwift as Tacx does not want to open up the api to communicate with 3rd party software. Zwift is proofing that if done correctly there is a massive gap in the market for online cycling.

So why cant a big professional company such as Tacx not deliver on the expectations set by their marketing of Multiplayer/Online riding???

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Re: General Consensus on Mulitplayer License

Post by bigrichard » Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:40 pm

I am in agreement with what you have said. The VR online racing was my favorite thing to do practically every evening after I got home from work. It really helped to make me a stronger rider riding against some other riders in real time. This feature has dropped off the map for all of us because of the differences in the motor brakes and the experience we all see on the map roads. Apparently this now is something that can't be fixed. The only option I see now is to buy a new trainer and since Tacx has proven they can't live up to supporting options or features that were the selling points of the trainer for very long I won't be choosing their trainers next time. I've asked many times to have the old Fortius multiplayer reinstated but it only falls on deaf ears. I feel they would have been better off to stay with what worked because an option like Swift add in a motor brake and the fact that Tacx has better looking VR terrains would have been a good thing. :roll:
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Re: General Consensus on Mulitplayer License

Post by kostyap » Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:30 pm

bigrichard wrote:...This feature has dropped off the map for all of us because of the differences in the motor brakes and the experience we all see on the map roads....
Zwift has exactly the same problem with various types of trainers in combination with or without external power meters. There is a little holy war going on on their discussion boards about how to prevent cheating (impossible obviously). That still does not prevent them from having whole bunch of cyclists on the road at any time of day/night. Must be something else.

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