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A plea to Tacx programmers

Post by davidgun » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:59 am

Now that my indoor season has pretty much ended I have a plea to tacx programmers. Please please fix/improve MP. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to North American riders that MP riders seem to be very rare breed this year. I have to think that this is largely because of all the issues with MP over the last few years. This year there was about a 2 month period where most RLV's could not be started as an MP ride. (an acknowledged bug that was fixed in version 4.10) Previous years there were frequent issues with riders being disconnected or not moving. So please lets hope that no new bugs are introduced. In addition to this my dream is that they upgrade TTS so that it is easier to find opponents. I have a couple ideas:

1) Allow riders to join a RLV race if they don't have the license for the RLV. They could just ride in GPS mode. I've never understood this restriction. I find it hard to believe that anyone would see a licensed RLV in MP they cant rider and think "I need to buy that". More likely they will try the ride in GPS mode with just GE view and think "yea I should buy that"

2) Add some kind of chat window in TTS that would allow riders to see others looking for an MP ride. I would like to be able so see all the other riders that are logged on (and have allowed me to see them in their privacy settings) that are looking for an MP ride. A rider could flag themselves as "looking for MP ride" and let others message them. (even during a solo ride) Whenever i set up an MP ride often I see riders pop in and out again. This tells me that there are riders online looking for an MP ride but just not interested in the one I have up. I'm usually up for any number of different styles of rides and would happily start another if there was some in game communication that was easy to use so we could pick a ride together.

3) put some more GPS rides in the rides that the tacx bot starts. They tacx server seem to start a few MP rides on its own but always the same old ones. For the RLVS that is fine. But how about they select a dozen or two of the good GPS rides and put them in the mix? I know I can download GPS rides but there are so many it's hard to find the good ones that I know must be there. (ie ones with some nice GE imagery)

I'm sure there are lots more ideas out there. For me MP is what makes tacx worthwhile. If it was not for one other rider this year my MP license would have been a waste of money.


PS if anyone knows where I could send this hopefully constructive criticism so that the tacx programmers would actually read it please let me know

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Re: A plea to Tacx programmers

Post by mcorn » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:56 am

Send it to support@tacx.com

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