How to recover the lost training using mobile app for Android

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How to recover the lost training using mobile app for Android

Post by emolinare » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:19 pm

I've finished my training using the mobile app for Android (paired with Tacx Neo) and as usually pressed the button to save it to cloud and auto submit to Strava. This time, the app was hanging on uploading to cloud at 33% and it was stuck on that message for 5 minutes even though I was connected to wifi and had a good signal. So eventually I've decided to close the app. My training is no longer visible anywhere and it appears I've lost it including all its data. It sucks to say that this is the most essential function of the app and it doesn't work, rendering the app completely useless for me, especially if this keeps happening. I do not understand why the app is saving to cloud first and only then locally to Android device. It means that if the cloud upload hangs, the training is lost.
Guys, any way to retrieve the data?

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