Newbie - help - how to get the most from iPhone Training App

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Newbie - help - how to get the most from iPhone Training App

Post by Snakes » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:09 pm

I am quite adept at understanding and using computer technology but this Training App has me beat! I have downloaded it onto my iPhone 5S and have managed to link it to my Smart Tacx Blue Matic. When on a session I can select Power or Slope under the Training menu and above the blue line I get the mph speed and above the pink line I get the rpm registering. However, I have no graph to the right of those "cells" presumably because I have not started the session and so there is no elapsed time or distance data racking up. The instruction video shows the conventional "Play" icon sitting between those latter two areas of the screen but mine has no such start icon. So, the first question is "How do I start the workout session away?"

I have also managed to download a trial workout and the T21 Giro 2017 workout from the Tacx Beta Cloud but when I try to "ride one of those I get the data appearing in the cadence and speed boxes (superimposed over the map) but no movement along the route. Again there is no "start/play" icon.

I am obviously missing something obvious so can anyone answer these queries and point m in the direction of a comprehensive guide?

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