Wattage = weight*slope*speed*cadance?

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Wattage = weight*slope*speed*cadance?

Post by wexxer » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:49 am


I'm a noob at physics and watts and stuff so hopefully someome can help me with this.

I bought a Tacx Neo and started a trainingsession, riding at a constant wattage of 160watt. Weight is constant (duh), slope is constant (0%). But when I changed from the big ring (50) to the small one (34) my speed dropped radically from 30 to 18km/h. Cadance remained at about 88.

In my understanding wattage is calculated by weight, speed and slope. So since the speed dropped from 30 to 18 km/h I would expect the wattage to drop too. But that remained 160watt. Do I need to add cadance to the equation as well? :?


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