Bushido in the gym?

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Bushido in the gym?

Post by Rob81 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:28 am

I'm going to buy some ergotrainers for a gym and make clients use wattage plans.
Where I worked before it was used a stationary ergo (Daum) which worked well, had no problems a did a lot of hours last winter (5h/day from October to March), whith a medium size display and the possibility to store predefinied wattage intervals it was a good machine.
It had its cons too, clients had always to set their sizes (which I mesured) on the ergo and install the pedals if I wasn't there.
So now I'd think to buy Tacx Bushido trainers.

If I use more than 1 (as it'll be) in the same place is it possible to have wireless interferences (I guess with ANT+ it's not the case, but who know!)
Is it accurate? The Daum had a range of error of ~5-10%, mainly in excess.

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