Booster Lever re-assemble

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Booster Lever re-assemble

Post by lobotom » Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:45 pm

Hello friends,

i have had issues with my booster lever...i gues it was some manufacturing issue - the lever never stayed in place on 1 and always slipped to 2. So i decided after almost 2 years of harsch fight with the lever, to take it down and search for some solution...but now i dont know, how do assemble the lever...i just cant find a place for the spring...the rest is easy...
tacx send me some silly youtube video - how to chance the lever...but i dont want to swap a new part on...i want to repair the lever...not throw it away...
Does anybody have some exploded view picture?or can someone tell me, where the spring belongs??Image

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