Antares problems solved - Long Bikes, Slipping & Noise

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Antares problems solved - Long Bikes, Slipping & Noise

Post by Brodeh » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:04 pm

I have owned my antares rollers for a couple of years. I this winter I started using a proper road bike and came across what appear to be common problems. I hope this is helpful...

Long Wheelbase

When I bought them I originally used them with my cross bike which has a wheelbase that was too long.

I opted to have my front hub slightly ahead of the centre of the roller. I simply put the bolts in the first hole nearest the front roller before assembly. This method uses the bikes weight to keep the rollers together and the bolts stopped the belt tension closing the rollers.

Only negative was the rollers could not be closed for storage. I also removed the belt after each use to avoid stretching it excessively.

I appreciate this cannot be recommended, but I did thousands of miles like this training last winter. It keeps you on your toes as the bike has a tendency to want to escape, all part of the core balance training experience :D

Slipping / Closing under belt tension

This winter I have changed my training bike and now have a normal wheelbase. When I put the rollers back to normal I immediately noticed the slipping.

I simply cut two pieces of P80 abrasive paper 14mm x 40mm and slid them behind the clamps when open. The picture below shows the paper inside the closed clamp. The small piece is an off cut (correct width, around half length).

Hey presto - it now stays put and still folds up as normal.


Noise - Creaking / Groaning

The final issue I found once the closing problem had been addressed was a horrible creaking / groaning sound when riding in an area approx. 10 cm wide just left of the centre line.

I found this was a result of worn roller end caps allowing the bearing to move slightly within the cup. The bearings were still spot on and cant be pressed further in. This is because the roller axle is machined so that the bearings can only ever be a set distance apart.

To cure this I simply applied a generous amount of grease to the plastic bearing cup in the end of each roller and the outside of the bearings, focusing mainly on the outer circumference.

The movement is still present, however the noise is now absent. Actually, overall the rollers are now quieter. :)

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Re: Antares problems solved - Long Bikes, Slipping & Noise

Post by hiddenplace » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:51 pm

My Antares roller has the noise problem too. Replaced the bearings but still noisy. I followed your way to apply grease on the bearings and the plastic cups, noise gone, problem solved. Brodeh thank you so much :mrgreen:

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Re: Antares problems solved - Long Bikes, Slipping & Noise

Post by Cervelovan » Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:26 am

Purchased a used Galaxia on Saturday and have done 2 rides, one an hour and one 1:15, my first ever roller rides.

When I first set it up, my front wheel was way in front of the roller, took me quite a while to figure it out and even though I measure the wheelbase at approx. 990-1016mm which is supposedly pin 5 but I had to put at pin 1 and even then the front axle is just a bit ahead of the center of the front roller. My bike is just a standard Cannondale Aluminum Size 54.


I thought this might be from me bouncing and when I slowed my cadence and focused my pedal stroke it seemed to eliminate the noise, but now I'm wondering if in fact it's a grease issue. If grease, what kind?

Thanks from Vancouver, Canada

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