Wattage froze at 125 halfway through training

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Wattage froze at 125 halfway through training

Post by Arsenio_Billingham » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:23 pm


I recently got the Tacx Flow and it worked great on my first two back-to-back sessions.

Over the weekend I popped my bike out for a group ride and this morning, I popped it back into the Flow unit. I loaded the TacX Utility app to calibrate the trainer, but when i hit the button to start calibration, I got a screen telling me to "start pedaling" but nothing happened after that (yes, I pedaled.)

Anyway, it seemed to be working fine, so I started my training session normally, and about 20 minutes in, the power froze at 125 watts. Here's a screenshot. As you can see, it weirdly did register a moment where I stopped pedaling for a second, but then immediately went back up to 125 the minute it detected movement.

Anyone know how to fix this? Do you think it's related to the calibration issue? Firmware is updated. Thanks!

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