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Newbie help

Post by Brave_Lee_Flea » Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:08 pm


I'm new to the forum and new to turbo training too! I hope some knowledgable person here will take pity and be able to offer me some help.

I recently bought a Fortius trainer on eBay. The truth is I'm not yet really sure what I've bought. My trainer came with a software CD, which from memory is version 2.01 (might be 2.02) and no RLV DVDs (CD's?)

I was hoping to be able to cycle some RLV and I am unsure what upgrades I need to buy if any and what RLV DVDs will or won't be compatible with what versions of the software. There are various pay-for upgrades and DVDs available on TACX website.

Having looked through the forums I have found some instructions on how to install and upgrade the software to version 2.04 and taken note of the fact that it won't run under a 64bit OS (which is a bit unfortunate but I'm sure I have a copy of 32bit windows 7 lying around somewhere).

What is the cheapest way for me to do some training with some RLV? What versions of the software do I need? Should I upgrade Tacx Trainer software version 4? What versions of RLV rides will be available if I only upgrade to 2.04 as per the instructions on

I've noticed some posts about upgrading the firmware. How can I tell if I need to do this?

I've also seen posts on this forum from people who appear to have more problems after they upgrade than before. It all seems like a bit of a minefield and I'm a bit lost with it all.

Lastly, I'd be really grateful if anybody could recommend some good training RLV rides. I'm far from a professional athlete! I'm trying to improve my MTB performance so that I can keep up with my friends who are all ridiculously fit. I probably average around 9mph MTBing in RL and can manage (at best) about a 30mile ride. However I'm looking for rides between 30 and 60 minutes which will be challenging but not demoralising!

Thanks in advance for anybody who can help me step though this minefield.

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Re: Newbie help

Post by thebigoneinfront » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:08 am

I believe you are confusing the Fortius software with the Tacx Trainer Software. 2.04 or so was the last version of the Fortius software, now legacy for almost a decade. The numbering scheme for Tacx Trainer Software started from 1 again, so there is Fortius 2.x and TTS 2.x, also legacy. The current version is 4.22. I'm afraid there is no upgrade from the Fortius software to TTS, you will have to buy either TTS or the "Smart Upgrade" (= TTS, the newer handlebar unit and an ANT antenna in case you wish to connect an ANT heart rate strap). You might want to check that you don't receive TTS version 3, I've seen some offers for that, too, but again there is no upgrade to TTS 4. I don't think any RLVs for the Fortius software are still on sale, TTS uses another file format.

TTS will offer you firmware upgrades if there are some.

TTS runs on a 64 bit PC, Fortius does not.

Tacx has a fine selection of Real Life Videos, flat, hilly or mountains. The newer RLVs tend to be shorter. But don't be afraid: You can stop routes and pick up where you stopped. TTS also has "Power Mode" - you can set a percentage down to 10 % and all gradients will be flattened accordingly. Easy cycling through great mountain scenery!

For some easy riding, I do love the Aube Valley and Dordogne valley RLVs.

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Re: Newbie help

Post by Brave_Lee_Flea » Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:40 pm

That's great, thanks for your advice. It's really helpful.

I'd prefer to avoid the smart update for the moment as it's quite expensive.

I've almost managed to get the Fortius software running in a VirtualBox. I got it hooked up and talking to the trainer and it was all talking but after upgrading to 2.03 and then 2.04 it doesn't work any more. It just hangs when you start the program. Grrr.

Once I've perfected this I'll update the instructions and maybe they can be posted on Lunicus as the ones that are there are either a bit out of date or incomplete. There were a few extra things I had to do to get it working which were not in the instructions.

Anyway, I'll try to get 2.04 working and and give that a whiz for a while and see how that goes. I'm not too worried about racing other people (I'll lose), I just wanted the visual incentive and I think the Fortius software will do that.

If I can't get it working I'll buy the cheaper TTS4 software package, I imagine I can manage without the ANT telling exactly how soon my heart will explode, I think I can approximate it pretty well!!!!

Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Newbie help

Post by CVOLVO.COM » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:45 pm

Welcome to the world of TACX confusion. Maybe I can provide some inexpensive options, since I did see the word "cheap" and that's my middle name - real surname is PRICE.

First, I hope you did not pay too much for the Fortius unit and that it's functional. I started with an even earlier TACX Basic trainer and have essentially upgraded the original motor brake frame, along with the older steering frame to the latest TTS 4.21. You can stick with the Fortius 2.02 with no technical support, or do what I manager to do.

One limitation is your computer's operating system. The older motor brake will not work beyond WIN7, but you can run in 64 bit mode. I am unfamiliar if you're a MAC user.

You must be prepared to shell out $250 or more for a Flow (on eBay) to i-Flow upgrade controller that should have an earlier version of TTS 4 Basic. Make sure the seller, if it was installed, released the license or you'll be stuck with what TACX may see as a duplicate license.To get more capability, you'd need to upgrade through the TACX website for their Advanced software (120 Euros or less if you get the Basic to load), then add another 30 Euros if you wish to use their GPS Google functionality. If you have some of the first generation RLV Cds, there is a way to make them work with TTS4 via instructions you likely found on this forum. I have done this and they do work fine.

I have had no interest in the Ant+ units, or whether they would ever work with your Fortius motor. You'll find the members of this forum very helpful whichever way you plan to proceed. Good luck.

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Re: Newbie help

Post by wasupwitdat1 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:25 am

The biggest, and I mean the biggest reason, to do away with the Fortius program and buy the TTS4 program is because now we have a free multiplayer. If you stay with Fortius 2.04 on a 32 bit operating system you can't even have that PC plugged in to the internet because the Fortius program will not start and you just get a blue screen. The VR is good, and you can still purchase videos from another source which I'm not allowed to tell you who in these forums but search and you'll find it. There are no firmware updates needed for Fortius. You don't need Ant+, even if you decided to buy TTS4 you don't need Ant+. An analog heart rate strap will still work through the Fortius's interface controller and via USB. TTS4 offers better quality real life videos and VR terrains and overall I feel the GUI looks a lot better. Fortius is a good trainer in my opinion and you have options to weigh it's just a matter of what you want. The reason I say multiplayer is the best reason is because back in the day when my goals were the same goals you say you are shooting for, using the multiplayer really gave me extra incentive to dig deeper than I ever would have if I just road the trainer alone. Multiplayer makes you competitive.
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