Getting started questions

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Getting started questions

Post by kingrollo » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:31 pm

I recently (yesterday) purchased a tacx flow T2240. I wondered if someone could help me through the basics:-

I have the trainer as above and an android phone - I have downloaded the the tacx training app - but have the following questions about it

1.When I try and create the account - it tells me there is no internet connection available (but there is ) got this message on 2 phones

2.If I skip I seem to get into the app ?

3.The calibration seems to calculate on about 20 secs worth of pedalling is this correct ?

4.I went into the slope training section - and adjusted the slope(I think) to 6% which I thought was the max of the trainer - but it would have let me go higher

5.I have an ANT+ dongle on order and want to run the whole thing from my laptop and use zwift - I am not the fittest of guys - any suggestions for a gentle zwift ride ?

6.Any free alternative to zwift ?

Thank you in advance.

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