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by lieuwe
Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:02 pm
Forum: Tacx Bushido/Vortex/Genius/Neo
Topic: T2085 Genius upgrade available?
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Re: T2085 Genius upgrade available?

Dear Rouleur / all I happened to have the exact same question / situation for my i-genius T2000, which i bought in 2014 ... but.... based on these replies .. I found a shop selling the Tacx Genius Electro Brake Unit T2086.12 priced at : €279,99 So I think I am going to upgrade instead of bying a new...
by lieuwe
Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:54 pm
Forum: ANT+ Open Complete freedom using your software of choice
Topic: Zwift
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Re: Zwift

Answer: Yes, indeed, if there is a solution for Genius, then it will be a electronic part in the hardware of the original brake that needs to be replaced and that will cost money. It is something we want to look at so we can provide a solution if customers wants FE-C implemented (the change will al...

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